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Invisible in Pingyao…


Liu Bolin, especially famous for his performative photography works camouflaging himself against all kinds of urban backgrounds…

Liu Bolin: N°87 Demolition Site; courtesy gallery photographerslimitededitions

Liu Bolin: N°87 Demolition Site; courtesy gallery photographerslimitededitions

… has been ranked among the TOP-5 photographers at the famous Pingyao International Photography Festival September 2013 by BLOUIN ARTINFO China:

Presented outside on the wall of a dilapidated building just off the main square, you might have missed Liu Bolins series. However, Liu chose this spot, befitting his status as Chinese photography’s “invisible man.”  His work combines painting and photography ofmeveryday situations. The inspiration for this ongoing project was a series of studio demolitions in 2005, which led him to ask why certain people are invisible in contemporary China. Liu photographs himself painted to blend into ordinary scenes, including the side of a highway, in front of a bulldozer, and at a bus stop, using this painstaking technique to show us just how easy it is to blend in.“ (Bridget Noetzel @BLOUIN Artinfo)

Pingyao CityPingyao, World Heritage Site since 1997 – it is still on my agenda to go there!

Also @ BLOUIN Artinfo: interview by Sam Gaski “Liu Bolin on the Inferno and Paradiso of Cell Phones

Liu Bolin also featured at Art Stage Singapore 16 – 19 Jan 2014

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