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Vorarlberg, the most Western province of Austria, is quite famous for its architecture, especially for its alliance between tradition and innovation, between timber constructions and contemporary design.

festspiel kongresshaus bregenz, marco-mathis-archiv-vorarlberg-tourismus. source:

This spring they have started another astonishing initiative: people on the countryside waiting for the public bus touring through Bregenzerwald – a small region in Vorarlberg especially known for its regional cheese making dairies – do not have to wait just at the roadside.

In cooperation with local architects and craftsmen, a range of seven international architects is going to design the bus shelters for this public transportation – amongst them Wang Shu, Chinese Pritzker Laureat 2012, and Japanese Sou Fujimoto.

How can the province afford this construction project? According to official news the fee for each of this reknown architects is…. – a free week of holiday in Vorarlberg.

Wang Shu is in rather great demand: he is also jury member for the Aga Khan Award Architecture as well as for the Austrian Wienerberger Brick Award.


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