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How To … Taxi Guide, Part 2

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Couple of month ago I have posted some hints on how to get along in a mega-city like Beijing without really speaking Chinese: How to…Beijing Taxi Guide.

Others are also concerned with this topic, demonstrating that potential weird experiences are (mostly but) not only confined to foreigners.

Take a look at Keoni Everington´s post at The World Of Chinese How to pass your next taxi audition!
“Based on years of humiliating denials, I’ve created a list of common reasons why cabbies blow off would-be customers.” Audition point deduction may be for example: Being a foreigner. Being old. Being disabled. Having a child. Being in a group of 4 or more. Carrying luggage. You will also find “Tips to Pass Your Audition”.

A story of such an importance that even China Daily Europe featured it recently 🙂

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