The China Information Company


In a multi-polar world, China is an increasingly important global player. Its development and transformation processes are effective globally. Perception and communication of these processes are seldom imparted in a very nuanced manner.

Against this backdrop ChinaCultureDesk offers services that expand the understanding of China, its cultural and historical structures as well as current developments. Additionally, issues and phenomena of 21st century China are being explained and put into a global context.


  • City & Urbanisation: Architecture, City Planning, Smart City, Societal Issues.
  • Art & Culture: Contemporary art, Digital Culture, Social Media, Film, Creative Industries, Philosophy.
  • Nature & Science: Philosophy of Science, Wine culture.

China Culture Desk offers

  • Information and knowledge transfer
  • Intercultural consulting
  • Organising round tables and panel discussions
  • Individual project development, project-specific consulting
  • Talks, lectures, and moderation
  • Translations of texts related to culture, arts, and society