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Where in Vienna one can find Chinese cabinets and closets? What about the Der Große Chineser (The Big Chinese) in the Wiener Wurstelprater? In which district do Yang Yang und Yuan Yuan live? And is there really a TCM garden? Let’s take a look into the historical, architectural, and cultural traces of China in Vienna.

And oral history conversations
A compilation of personal his-stories and her-stories with Chinese people in Vienna to reveal the diversity of everyday realities beyond prevalent stereotypes. The first 50 interviews have been published on the occasion of the 50-year celebration of the Austrian-Chinese diplomatic relationships. Book “Mehr als Mozart & Mao! Alltagsgeschichten aus Österreich und China” published in November 2021 by Buchschmiede (früher: Morawa).

The project Vienna.China.Town is a follow-up of these stories dedicated to reveal Chinese historical, architectural, as well as cultural traces in Vienna. In the long-term we intend to develop a kind of a city-archive of Chinese culture in Vienna.


More Details coming soon.