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It is he who drinks tea that will truly find greatness


Remember my previous posts on tea?
Yellow cup open
In Two Leaves and a Bud I talked about some basics
and in Poetically Tea I featured a wonderful poem by Huang Fuzeng:
Saw Lù Yǔ off to Pick Tea.

Tea bags

To continue with info on my favourite drink:
The World of Chinese hast posted information on some of the ost known tea specialities:
Chinese Tea: 10 of the Best

Iron Goddess, Silver Needles, Pu Erh, Lapsang Souchong – you will find it all there!
Together with some short notes on health effects and hints for preparation.

Further bits:

Two Leaves and a Bud.
Poetically Tea.
The World of Chinese.
Tea (wiki, a quite comprehensive introduction).

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