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Shuffling The Cards…

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… is a series of exhibitions developed by curator Alexandra Grimmer, featuring Chinese contemporary art.

The 3rd round, Construction of Identity, currently taking place in Gmunden (Upper Austria) shows works of artists, which are not yet widely known in the West – and all of them are pursuing very interesting approaches off the beaten aesthetic tracks.

Opening on August, 5th, Alexandra Grimmer

Wang Wo – Masses: Social Structures

Wang Wo: Installation view. Digital prints

Wang Wo: Untitled History (series), detail

Wang Wo: Untitled History (series), o.T.N°20

Feng Lianghong – Chinese Landscape: The Inherent Language

Feng Lianghong: “abstract 1-9” (left). “scribble 0812” (centre). “composition 49-9” (right). Oil on canvas


Feng Lianghong: “abstract 1-9”

Exhibition at Hipp-Halle, Gmunden, Inside View

Wang Ai – Reconstruction of the Cultural Landscape

Wang Ai: Over the Old Landscape. Mixed technique on rice paper

Wang Ai: Flower Gun. Mixed technique on rice paper

Wand Ai: detail

Zhang Zhenyu – Political Landscape

Zhang Zhenyu: Dust

All images: courtesy of the artists.


The 4th round of Shuffling the Cards currently takes place in Gmunden, too:
Yang Jin. Don’t be afraid of strange places.

Further bits:
Shuffling the Card, 3rd round.
Shuffling the Cards, 4th round.

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  1. You may also purchase significant playing cards and hook them up to the partitions and in the entranceway.

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