The China Information Company


Everything you always wanted to know about China but were afraid to ask!
You don´t yet know what you want to know? We will figure it out and enhance your knowledge about dealing with China.

ChinaCultureDesk offers services that expand your understanding of China, its cultural structures and current developments. We support organisations and companies from Austria and China in successfully shaping their intercultural encounters and cooperation in the respective economic and cultural area. And we like to build bridges in cross-cultural communication between Austria and China – therefore we are conducting business in both countries to foster mutual understanding and cooperation.

Our notion of culture is broadly defined.

City & Urbanisation:
Architecture, City Planning, Smart City, Societal Issues.

Art & Culture:
Contemporary art, Digital Culture, Social Media, Film, Creative Industries, Philosophy.

Nature & Science:
Philosophy of Science, Ecology, Life Sciences, Nanotechnology, Environmental Technologies.

China Culture Desk offers

  • consulting knowledge transfer within our subject areas,
  • development of intercultural understanding and know-how,
  • individual project development, project-specific consulting,
  • stakeholder communication, stakeholder management


  • organising public events, talks and panel discussions,
  • planning  & organisation of sector- and issue-specific events,
  • developing of specific formats and consulting services for individual organisations or companies,
  • design and organisation of expert business trips,
  • facilitating cooperation with respective stakeholders,
  • intercultural consulting and support for exhibitions, trade fair appearances and cooperation,
  • translations of texts related to culture, arts, and society,
  • publications,
  • the preparation of dossiers on specific issues.

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