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Cooperation with XING Magazin

We are happy to announce the beginning of a new cooperation: since September 2015 every issue of  XINGMagazin features a China-specific contribution written, translated or organised by ChinaCultureDesk.

 Project „Play City – Sm-art C&V“

ChinaCultureDesk as cooperation partner in this project conc. the topic “Smart Cityin China” at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Concept & management: Brigitte Prinzgau-Podgorschek. In cooperation with Organhaus, Chongqing. Since October 2015.


In our globalized world, China’s processes of change have an impact far beyond its borders. The way these processes and their background is perceived and communicated, though, is often hardly differentiated and reinforces clichéd ideas. We have set ourselves the task of conveying a more nuanced image of China covering the diversity and contradictoriness of Chinese realities.

Talk #11: Ai Weiwei – Internet & Social Media, 21 September 2016, in cooperation with 21er Haus China 21 Talk Ai Weiwei_SocialMedia
Talk #10: Ai Weiwei & Architektur, 7 September 2016, in cooperation with21er Haus China 21 Talk_Ai Weiwei
Talk #9: Science as Culture, 1 June 2016, cooperation with Institute of Sinology/ University of Vienna China 21 Talk__Science as Culture
Talk #8: Art House Film, 21 January 2016 China 21 Talk_Arthouse Film

Talk #7: Digital China 2025, 1 October 2015 China 21 Talk_Digital China 2025
Talk #6: Cultural History of Corruption in China & Europa, 30 June 2015 China 21 Talk_Anti:Korruption
Talk #5: Chinese Films – Trends & Developments, 12 February 2015 China 21 Talk_China Film

Talk EXTRA: China´s Contemporary Art (on the occasion of the exhibition “The Future is the Past: In Search of a Chinese Portrait”). In English language. 27. November 2014 China 21 Talk_Contemporary Art

Talk #4: Science & Research reflecting Culture, 10 December 2014 China 21 Talk_Weltbild Wissenschaft
Talk #3: Internet – China´s Digitale Culture, 25 September 2014 China 21 Talk_Digital Kultur
Talk #2: Urbanisation, 12 June 2014 China 21 Talk_Urbanisierung
Talk #1: Does Transformation mean Continuity? 16 January 2014 China 21 Talk_Zeitgeschichte